Are You Reaching Your Target Consumers?

In an in industry that changes almost daily, marketers are often looking for the next big thing. Understanding past techniques - what has become obsolete, what still works, and the new methods you should be using to market your business – is important in making sure you are getting a great return on investment. One of the most common marketing tools in the last few decades has been print advertisements. This encompasses everything from direct mail to newspapers, as well [...]

Do You Need a Hashtag for That?

Since 2007 we’ve been using hashtags to categorize social media content. Uniting conversations around events, celebrations, pop culture, locations, and other areas of interest – hashtags can add value to posts, when used correctly. They can also increase the visibility of your brand to individuals who have an interest in specific topics, and your brand itself. That being said, ten years later and many people are still uncertain of how to properly use and benefit from hashtags. If you’ve [...]

E-Commerce Essentials: How to Attract More Customers

E-commerce has become an essential tool for many businesses. Since 2008, the percentage of all e-commerce retail sales has doubled. Although e-commerce has become more mainstream, there are still some kinks to work out in having a secure and credible site. In order for your e-commerce site to perform exceptionally, and attract more customers, here are a few essential features your site must include: 1. Payment Gateway Of course, an e-commerce site should be set up for accepting payment, but choosing [...]

How Your Business Benefits from Digital Assets

Whether you’re a small business owner or a Fortune 500, it’s essential to your business’ success to have a professional website and active social media accounts. In the past, having an online presence wasn’t the top priority for businesses. The focus was on pushing sales in brick and mortar stores, with very little acknowledgement paid to online sales. Fast-forward to today, where the internet plays a crucial role in everything businesses do, including sales, while physical stores often take a [...]

How to be innovative with your marketing

How to be Innovative with Your Marketing

With the constant growth and advancement in technology, it’s important for business owners to adapt, which includes making changes to marketing techniques and strategies. Marketing innovation can help you stand out from the competition and put you in the forefront of consumer minds. Here are a few options to consider: Blogging Many companies don’t understand the benefits of having their own blog, so they simply don’t have one. However, blogging is a great way to ensure organic reach, especially when you [...]

Virtual Reality: Will It Work for Your Business?

Through virtual reality customers can become fully immersed in an environment that you have created, providing fewer distractions than face-to-face demonstrations. Customers also experience stronger emotions when in a virtual environment and can remember details they may not from a conversation about the product/service you are trying to sell. Which businesses can best benefit from virtual reality? VR can help improve sales for a variety of businesses. For example, contractors can show buyers a completed version of a home they want [...]

How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Live

How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Live Whether you’re taking a tour of your business, demonstrating a product or service, or just sharing information with your audience, Facebook Live can offer a unique opportunity for your business. Connecting through a live stream offers personal connection and real-time interaction that sets it apart from other social media offerings. Before you jump in head first, check out our tips for navigating the world of Facebook Live: MAKE A PLAN Promote your live [...]

How to Get Started with Video Marketing

Video marketing continues to increase in popularity as we make our way through 2017, and the impacts cannot be denied. A recent report reveals that marketers who are utilizing video are growing their revenue 49% faster than non-video users. You may also be surprised to learn that YouTube is the second largest search engine, only outranked by its parent company – Google. Depending your video marketing strategy, videos may even outrank other results in Google. For instance, how-to and demonstration [...]

3 Advantages of Working with a Media Buying Agency

When it comes to media placement, it’s always going to be your best bet to work with a media buying agency to get the most for your money. Media buyers are adept at purchasing media inventory that best conveys the marketing message for their clients. As a business owner, you want your advertising budget to be spent effectively, delivering your campaign to your ideal audience at the right time; media buyers are instrumental in this process. Here are three [...]