Three Digital Marketing Solutions Your Business Should Be Utilizing

Three Digital Marketing Solutions Your Business Should Be Utilizing

Digital marketing is the next big game changer within business industries. With digital marketing you have the ability to give your users accessibility to view information whenever they please and however they want to view it. Have you ever overspent your budget on advertising trying to hit your target audience? With an effective digital marketing strategy your campaigns are directed toward your relevant viewers so you no longer have to take a shot in the dark to reach that ideal customer. When it comes to an effective digital marketing strategy there are a few solutions you should take advantage of:


  1. Social Media Management
  • Know the right platform.

If your business is not already on at least one social media platform, you could be missing out on huge opportunities. Social media is shifting how the industry operates and these platforms can lay the groundwork for connecting you with lifetime customers. First, understanding which platforms your business needs to be on is vital. Whether it be Twitter and Facebook for customer-service based goals or Instagram and Pinterest for the more visual brands, your choice of which platform to explore is pivotal.

  • Content, content, content

The key to doing social media right is to post regularly-scheduled, relevant content. Use analytics to see when your audience is viewing your page and schedule meaningful posts during those times. Remember, quality over quantity: you don’t want to have superfluous posts that ostracize your followers; however, your business will want to capitalize on peak times with relevant and substantial information.

  • Interacting with your audience.

Utilizing social media provides businesses with the opportunity to receive real-time responses regarding their products or services from customers directly giving both parties a more intimate interaction than the standard customer service email address response within 1-2 business days. This method of interacting with consumers has proved beneficial when connecting through Twitter, where those who receive responses from businesses have been shown to be willing to spend 3 percent to 20 percent more on average-priced items in the future.


  1. Website Design

As a business owner, your website will serve as one of your strongest digital marketing tools and is one of the most important investments you can make. Your website is essentially the first impression a person will receive of your brand so it’s important that your brand vision is clearly represented. Enlisting help from a third-party source such as a digital marketing agency – like Business House – can prove beneficial in increasing your web traffic.

Your website should be optimized for not only a great desktop design, but a mobile design as well.  85% of adults think that a company’s mobile website should be as good or better than their desktop website. However, it’s not all about a pretty layout. Your site should be able to be found online as well to enhance your digital marketing strategy. In order for your site to stand out from your competitors you should take user experience into account and make it your number one priority. If people are not entertained, informed, or do not understand your site… they won’t return. What we’re trying to say here is: make your website a unique experience people can remember.


  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO, in a nutshell, consists of investing primarily in keywords, link building, and content creation. However, this is not solely just throwing in redundant keywords which may not be relevant to your brand. This goes back to creating pertinent and meaningful content. 72% of marketers consider relevant content creation the most effective SEO tactic. Search engines evaluate the content on your profile with every update so if you don’t have a wide content spread, it could be potentially damaging to your business. Implementing and maintaining SEO tactics is well worth the time and effort. Consumers trust search engine results. If you’re not on the top of this list, people won’t scroll until page 11 to find you.

In our opinion, SEO is the most important digital marketing solution your business should be utilizing. Yes, social media and a great website design are important tools, but when you are faced with an unfamiliar situation, do you seek out the solution on Facebook? More than likely, you don’t – you would search for the solution using Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. It’s important to create organic traffic and implement a strategy so that you can be at the top of the list of results.

Hiring a third-party digital marketing agency, who has a team of experts specializing in these three marketing solutions, will not only save you both time and money, but will also make sure your strategy is on trend in response to industry disruptions.


As your local digital marketing agency we’d love to help you create a custom-tailored digital marketing strategy to strengthen your online presence. Feel free to contact us anytime to start planning your new strategy.

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