Are You Reaching Your Target Consumers?

Are You Reaching Your Target Consumers?

In an in industry that changes almost daily, marketers are often looking for the next big thing. Understanding past techniques – what has become obsolete, what still works, and the new methods you should be using to market your business – is important in making sure you are getting a great return on investment.

One of the most common marketing tools in the last few decades has been print advertisements. This encompasses everything from direct mail to newspapers, as well as advertisements in the Yellow Pages. While this type of traditional marketing was once effective, the tactic is now becoming obsolete, with the return is drastically shrinking.

TV and radio, also considered traditional advertising, are commonly used today with more success than print. While broadcast has become less effective, creating the right advertisement and placing it in a prime time slot, can lead to hitting your local audience directly and inexpensively. That being said, traditional mediums are still largely unable to be tracked so you can never be sure what your ROI truly is.

Even though traditional marketing as a whole is still used as a common marketing tool, businesses should begin shifting their focus to mediums preferred by their target consumers. It’s common for people to be using multiple devices simultaneously, in fact each digital consumer owns 3.23 devices. As a result, digital marketing has evolved into the new “power medium” businesses can use to capture audience attention in a much more impactful way.

The new direction marketing is taking is one of highly personalized advertisements. All of your business’s content needs to be tailored to the experience users expect when they engage with your brand. Today’s technology allows you to create highly customized posts targeted to individual users’ unique needs. In other words, your ads need to be relevant to their interests, appeal to them on a personal level, and it has to be engaging. Take a look at how sports apparel brand, Active Faith, used a full-funnel Facebook strategy to increase their purchases per month by 30%.

Today’s consumers are focused on their mobile devices, just as your business should be. Smartphone users check their phones an average of 150 times a day, making the possibility of reaching your audience are endless. When your customers are searching for your products on their mobile devices, it’s reasonable to assume immediate intent which, in turn, can lead to more successful geo-targeting ads and serving the right ad at the right time.

One important note to keep in mind however, is most businesses will not benefit from one marketing technique alone. All consumers are not the same therefore, they all won’t respond to the same type of marketing. Luckily, as digital marketing opportunities continue to expand and change, business owners have even more chances to connect with their ideal consumers. If your business is looking for help planning your next marketing campaign, contact us.

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