Search Engine Marketing: What You Need To Know


Search Engine Marketing: What You Need To Know

Search Engine Optimization, or shall we say SEO, is certainly a phrase that we are hearing more about.  For many people, they are familiar with it and that\’s about it.  In general terms, search engine optimization simply means maximizing organic traffic on the web through search engines.  Still go over your head?

When a user gets online they are typically heading to a search engine and typing in whatever it is they are looking for or researching.  For example, “Marketing Agency Elizabethtown”.  They then will fall on a number of qualifying results for this search.  If you\’re a business, it\’s really important that you are easily found and a match for a particular search so that consumers land on your page and not a competitors.

This is for everything that is online and searchable.  You want to be qualified for the topics that suit your industry so that consumers looking for you can FIND you!  How do you increase your search engine optimization (SEO) you may ask?

  1. Content: Does the content on your website utilize information that a search engine could pull from and qualify you as a match?  This is important in SEO.
  2. Backlinks: Are other sites mentioning you? Do you have articles written about your business and the amazing service or products you offer? These will all help qualify you as a legitimate resource.
  3. Blog:  Give those that find you a place to find more useful information.  Blogging allows you to show that you are knowledgeable beyond what your website tells us.  It gives us a peek at what you know and understand, making you..YES! Qualified, yet again.
  4. Social Media: Have Facebook, Twitter and other social media interfaces that allow you interact with consumers and build a following. Don’t just have the page, but actually interact and post with an intention to engage.
  5. Business House: Do you have a professional company with expertise and knowledge helping you along the way?  That\’s where we step in, to manage metatags, keywords, content and keep you on the right track to increasing your search engine optimization (SEO) score every day.


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