Digital Marketing: The Next Big Marketing Medium

Digital Marketing: The Next Big Marketing Medium

In today’s world, we’ve gone past the traditional marketing medium.  Before the age of computers, businesses relied heavily on the three golden outlets: television, print, and radio.  While these options are still around and should be utilized, companies have to explore the new age of digital marketing which is taking over the marketing world.

Don’t get us wrong—Television still is and will remain the powerhouse for a few years to come.  However, what we have learned is that people are becoming more and more a multi-screen user.  This means that they will not only have the television going watching a show or the news, but they will also be on their phone, Ipad, and computer simultaneously.  So we must learn to capture the audience in a much more intricate way than before.  Good news- digital marketing is more measurable than ever before!

What are some wonderful digital marketing platforms that you should be using that are no brainers?

  • Your personal website. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a website you’re a bit behind the times.  Hurry up and get one!  But, don’t just settle for any type of design.  Contact a professional to assist you with your website design.  First impressions are everything, and if people begin searching and landing on your page and it’s not what they want, they will more than likely leave your site within seconds.  You don’t want high bounce rates!
  • Social media. The major social media outlet is Facebook of course, but like anything, you probably shouldn’t stop with just one.  Depending on how involved you want to be, it might be worth getting a social media manager.  They will be well versed in all of the language, advertising platforms, etc.  They will also be able to advise which social media’s you should be on based on your target market whether it be Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or adding in Pinterest and Snapchat as well.
  • Google.  Who runs the world?  Beyonce said girls, but in the digital marketing world, we say Google.   So, it’s important that you have a Google verified business and you research all of the different business related digital outlets Google may have to offer.  If you’re unsure, you can always consult a marketing specialist.

The list of course goes on and on when it comes to the digital marketing world.  With technology growing as fast as it is, something new happens literally every day.

Need help choosing the right marketing mediums for your business?  Or maybe assistance with your current digital marketing plan? Reach out to Business House, LLC for your first FREE consultation.  With our talented team of marketing professionals, we’ll be sure to be your one stop shop where you can get the most effective and efficient marketing planning around.

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