Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Reach Your Consumers On A Personal Level

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Direct mail continues to hold strong in a digital world and could be an excellent marketing tool for your business.
A lot of people think that email is a more solid marketing method, but it all depends on your needs and purpose of your content. It’s easy to ignore an email or shuffle it into a folder you never look at again – just think about all of the unread emails you have in your own inbox. Plenty of people get so overwhelmed by the abundance of unread emails they will delete without reading or giving them a second thought. In the case of direct mail, people must sort through it for bills, correspondence, etc., which means direct mail pieces cannot be overlooked entirely.

That being said, a well-crafted piece won’t be overlooked at all. It will connect with consumers on a personal level, and what’s more personal than forging that connection in their very own home? Your direct mail piece will be opened, examined, and if it’s a promotional piece it may even go straight into their purses or stuck on the fridge with a magnet for easy access. Of course that relies on your sales pitch being rooted in great copy and imagery, which is where we come in.

At Business House, LLC we have the knowledge and expertise to help you determine if direct mail is a good fit for your business’s needs. From there we can work together to design pieces that will influence consumers to interact with your brand and help you achieve your marketing goals. Direct mail is a great option when you’re looking to spread the news about your grand opening, a new promotion, share your latest inventory, announce a special event, and serves many other purposes. And don’t forget, we can target key demographics to receive your direct mail pieces, which means you won’t waste money sending them to the wrong households.

Whether you want a postcard, invitation, or even want to include a piece of merchandise in your direct mail piece – the options are endless. We can help you develop and craft a direct mail campaign that will integrate with other facets of your marketing plan for an even more robust effect.