Do You Consider Email Marketing to Be Dead? Think Again!

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Do You Consider Email Marketing to Be Dead? Think Again!


Many of you may feel that e-mail is a dying thing and that email marketing is no longer of use in your marketing toolbox?  Think again!

A report was release last week by Adobe which took a deeper look into our email-consumption behavior. The study, which surveyed more than 400 white-collar workers in the U.S., indicated that email is not going anywhere, but in fact it our additction may be stonger than ever!  Consider the following statistics about respondents’ behavior around email:

  • 70% check email while watching TV
  • 50% check email in bed
  • 50%  check email while on vacation
  • 42%  check email while in the bathroom (also known as the second office)
  • 43% check email while on the phone
  • 18% check email while driving
  • Respondents spend six hours per day checking email

Do you fall into any of these categories?  Lucky for us, email marketing can be a tool that we can utilize and reap huge benefits from! Now, just to do email marketing right!

How can we better reach our customers?  In an article by Peter Gasca on, he stated the following, “Patrick Tripp, senior product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign, an email-campaign-management system for businesses, states that while consumers are still using email, data shows that they are very selective about how they use it.

-58% say that email is their preferred way to be contacted by a brand, but

-32% say they want fewer repetitive emails from the brands with which they have relationships”

So, how do you end up in the consumers hands the way they want?  Gasca suggests to try these email marketing tips:

  • Be Mobile Compatible
  • Less Is More
  • Let Consumers Set Their Own Pace
  • Personalize and Add Value

Need help with your email marketing campaign and strategy?   Reach out to your local digital marketing agency, Business House, LLC for your first FREE consultation.  With our talented team of marketing professionals, we’ll be sure to be your one stop shop where you can do it all and do it right!

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