Free Professional Email

Free Professional Emails - the first step to success


Why do I need a professional email address?: Having a professional email address is as important as having a paper business card because reflects on your level of digital professionalism.  

Did someone say “professional email address”?

Let’s face it, newly created businesses often neglect a critical aspect of their first step in the digital world : looking professional on a digital communication level. Sending emails for your business from a Gmail or Yahoo address simply does not reflect the level of professionalism you deserve. Period.

We hear the same answers each time we ask someone “why are you using a personal email to conduct business?”:

  1. A professional email is not affordable.
  2. A professional email is difficult to set up.
  3. I don’t know how to set up my professional email on my phone or computer (and/or any other devices supporting emails services).
  4. We don’t want to have limited space for our professional email inbox.
  5. My business doesn’t need a professional email.

Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get use to using your new professional email as you are not granted any excuses anymore!

  • First of all, getting a professional email has become extremely affordable with prices starting between $5-$10 per month for a small business.
  • Setting those emails up takes a few minutes and is definitely in your reach even if you are a novice user.
  • Setting your emails on your phone and computer for the first time is certainly easier than paying your bills online.
  • The time where inbox space was limited is slowly vanishing – even if you have a limitation, there is so much storage space out there you don’t have enough time in your day to be able to fill it.

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Now if you think your business still doesn’t need professional email addresses, close your eyes for a second and remember that time where you were saying your business didn’t need mobile phones. If after that second of meditation you are still coming to the same conclusion, we are sorry we can’t save you.

How do you get your free professional email with Business House? Give yourself 2 minutes to do the following:

  • Fill the form here below (let us understand who you are and what you need exactly)
  • Let us call you back (to confirm the information we received)
  • We set everything up for your convenience
  • You pay nothing. Zero. (Well, you’re supposed to have your domain name purchased already.)