Don’t Underestimate the Value of Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Graphic Design

Graphic design is something that is often overlooked when prepping your marketing plan.  However, when it comes to any marketing collateral or campaigns, it’s necessary to have professional graphic design included.

Many companies will charge a flat hourly fee for their graphic design.   Consider asking them if you could bundle a graphic design package to use at your disposal throughout the month or year.

What would you ever utilize all of those design hours on you may ask?  Try incorporating graphic design hours into the following for strong branding and campaigns.

  • Social Media Campaigns: Whether you are promoting your page or running an offer, graphic design can come in handy so that your message is brand strong and professional.  This is also important when setting your cover photos and profile photos too as the right size and layout can make all the difference.
  • Logo Refresh: Maybe you want to refresh your logo for this upcoming year.  Nothing ever stays the same.  Take it from Coca-Cola or Google 🙂

  • E-Newsletters: Do away with the templates that EVERYONE else is using.   Have a designer completely customize your message to your business.  This will help you stand out among the endless e-mails that people are receiving day to day.
  • Marketing Materials: From brochures and flyers to thank you cards and business cards.  These all take hours from a graphic designer to create.  These are also investment pieces for your business and you want to make sure they are professionally done to represent your brand.
  • Banner Ads: When you’re running ads online, you want them to stand out and be eye-catching to the consumer.  That’s why you wouldn’t want just anything running out there, and having a professional create it will only help boost your potential visibility.

We could go on for days with the outlets where graphic design can be utilized in business.  Think of it as an investment for your business to help solidify your brand.  Just as you spend marketing dollars on newspaper, radio, t.v., or your website, graphic design too is a way to better market your business.  It may just be the missing piece to the effectiveness of your brand too!

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