Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

Tell a story with your marketing. 


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It doesn’t matter how big your business is marketing collateral is a must-have. We’re not just talking about traditional collateral, sells sheets are still in use, but we’re talking about so much more – visual aids, white papers, brochures, sponsorship packets, rack cards, and any other leave-behind materials that can be reviewed long after a presentation or meeting has ended. Marketing collateral is an expansive portfolio of materials, varying for each business and company, that help you sell yourself to your customers and potential clients without being abrasive or forceful.

Marketing collateral could be the very thing that brings a customer back to your business. If you’re a B2B company, what if the people you’re pitching don’t get to make a decision about what your business is offering for several weeks and are a little fuzzy on your initial proposal? If you’re a new quick-service restaurant a line out the door may be exciting, but to keep your customers happy don’t you want them to have something to look at, like a brochure-style menu, when they’re waiting in line? And if you’re an event that is seeking sponsors, do you really want to leave a presentation and your potential sponsors empty-handed? The appropriate marketing materials can help make your pitch memorable, entertain your customers, and keep you fresh on the minds of those you are investing time and effort into connecting with.

Working with us means sharing your marketing plans and goals so that we can recommend the most effective and efficient pieces of marketing collateral for your business. Not everyone needs sponsorship brochure or rack card that lists their verticals and capabilities, but if you do we have you covered. Not everyone needs help designing presentation documents or social media props, but maybe you do. Once we’re all on the same page our design team can take the pieces you need to the next level. Whether part of we’re working together on new branding concepts or you want to move forward with your current image we can create cohesive marketing materials that speak to who you are as well as your customers. You will stand out. You will be memorable. And your marketing collateral will be an asset you everything else your business has already accomplished and will continue to accomplish in the future.

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