Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan 

Great Planning Comes From Great Strategy

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If you want a solid marketing plan, that begins with your marketing strategy. While the strategy is geared toward goal setting, it is the foundation for which your marketing plan will be built on. The marketing plan itself will be the road map for detailing what your precise marketing and advertising efforts are, as well as how those aforementioned goals will be met within a set amount of time. (And if you don’t have a marketing strategy, we can help with that too. After all you don’t want to jump into the execution phase without a clear goal in mind.)

When it gets down to it, your marketing plan is a complex document and you will not get far without it. We will take your strategy and build up from there, creating a plan that encompasses a large scope of market research, evaluating both customer needs and expectation on returns for your business. Other features of the marketing plan may include current market analysis, including trends, budgets, sales forecasting, and more.

Here at Business House, LLC we will work with you to put together an effective marketing plan, laying out each aspect and element that we will utilize to reach your goals. If you want to raise brand awareness, the plan may include a social media campaign that details information about your local market, target audience, interest level for your product/service within your local market, and projections for engagement based off of those and other varied factors. If you have a sales goal to meet next month, the plan may include a combination of traditional and digital marketing that identifies your target audience and includes media buys that will reach them, driving traffic to both your website and brick and mortar locations via various mediums. The possibilities are endless and vary from client to client, business to business because no two are exactly the same.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to piece together an effective marketing plan that results in success for your business. Our number one goal is to efficiently use our resources to help you achieve yours.