Is Your Campaign Strategy Ahead of the Curve?

Is Your Campaign Strategy Ahead of the Curve?

Have you ever found that you get so busy and by the time a particular holiday has come and gone, you’ve missed the perfect opportunity to sell, sell, sell?  To keep this from happening in the future it’s important to have a strong campaign strategy in place to help you stay ahead of the curve.

It may be October, but Hobby Lobby, Target and other big brands already have their Christmas products out!  It may make consumers cringe, but in fact it’s a way for marketers to be ahead of the curve and start taking advantage of maximum holiday sales.  Not to mention, did you know that in a poll conducted in September by stated that 32 million people had already started shopping for Christmas and 2%, which is approximately 4.6 million people, were already done!  So maybe the campaign strategy that these marketers have that annoy many consumers aren’t unwarranted after all.

How can you start putting together a campaign strategy that will help you stay ahead?

PLAN OUT YOUR YEAR:  Plan out your year in advance.  It doesn’t have to be concrete, but it’s wise to know all important dates you will focus on as a company.  Whether its holidays, tax season, or even summer sales—you should have an idea of what is to come in the future.

DO YOUR RESEARCH:  Planning out your campaign strategy and wondering when the right time to start your campaigning is, it’s likely you’ll find some answers by doing a bit of research.  Even as we have done above in regards to Christmas shopping, it goes to show that putting things out in September is probably ideal if you’re trying to maximize your exposure and sales for that season.

GET COLLATERAL IN ORDER:  Starting a campaign may be more than putting a sale sign outside of your business, or a simple Facebook or Twitter post.  A full campaign may require help from a marketing agency.  You should want to reach your consumers through all kinds of mediums and assure that the message is cohesive and at a frequency that is effective.

GET DIGITAL:  Online shopping is at an all-time high and is only rising.  If you’re not online, you’re probably going to miss the opportunity to be seen by consumers.   If you’re not already there, contact a marketing agency today to get you online with a search engine optimization package that will allow consumers to easily find you on search engines.

These are just a few tips to help strengthen your campaign strategy and stay ahead of the curve when you’re busy. Can you think of any that help you that didn’t make our list? Leave us a comment below!

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