Why Your Small Business Should Have a Blog

Why Your Small Business Should Have a Blog

Blogging is a great marketing channel for small business owners and shouldn’t be ignored during website development. Consistently producing blog posts on topics that are relevant and current to your business is a great way to expand your online visibility and connect with consumers. Here are a few other benefits of maintaining a blog for your business:

Drives website traffic.
The addition of a blog to your website means the addition of content, which gives you more opportunities to be listed among search engine results. When creating and publishing blogs it signals bots to crawl your website more frequently to search for new content. In doing so, they look for quality posts featuring keywords to boost your ranking in search engine results. The higher you appear in search results, the more traffic your website will receive, after all consumers trust businesses with higher rankings.

Lead generation.
Speaking of web traffic, blogs can help convert those visitors into leads. One of the easiest ways to generate leads with your blog is to include a call-to-action in posts. Encourage readers to engage and interact! You can also employ CTAs when responding to blog comments. Other options include using banners, redirects, and/or pop-ups allowing readers to share their contact information. This approach can help you to generate a follow-up list or even give readers the option to subscribe to your email list or newsletter where you can share more information, exclusive content, and stay connected.

You become an authority.
Obtaining and retaining customers isn’t just about having cool products or flashy advertisements, though those things never hurt. If you want your business to succeed, and keep succeeding, it’s important to build and maintain trust with your customers. In writing blog posts you can share your experience and expertise on various relevant. When you take a position of authority in your industry customers will see your business as not only being knowledgeable, but gain a sense of reliability and trust that they associate with a positive reputation.

Creation of shareable content.
When you invest time into writing a quality blog it shouldn’t just live on your website. As shareable content, it should be put to work. Your social media pages are a great place to share blog posts with followers to give them more insight into your business, services, and offerings. Depending on how engaging your posts are and how it pertains to their wants and needs, followers will also share blog posts to their own social media pages further increasing your brand awareness and helping to drive more traffic to both your web and social pages.


As powerful of a marketing tool as your website is, the addition of a blog only strengthens it. By expanding your website, sharing information, and utilizing other marketing resources you increase your search engine ranking, social presence, and generate more leads. Questions about blogging? You’re always welcome to reach out to us.

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