A True Marketing Plan: How Many Cups Are You Trying to Fill?

A True Marketing Plan: How Many Cups Are You Trying to Fill?

Getting together an effective marketing plan can be difficult.  In the world of marketing today there are so many outlets that you can market your business:

Social Media
Event Sponsorship

The list could go on…

The big question is, how practical is it to try and market through all of these mediums?  Do you have a marketing plan in place? Let’s talk budget.  Do you have one yet?  First things first, set a budget for your marketing and advertising.  Once we know the figures, it is much easier to step back and see what you can afford.

Now that you have a budget in mind, let’s talk goals and current perception.  What are your strengths as a company?  What are you weaknesses?  What are your ambitions?  From there we can begin to dissect and see which marketing mediums will work best for you.

Let’s try to fill one marketing cup first.  Once that cup is full, you should see the effects come back full circle with a return on investment that you can begin to then start filling up your second marketing cup.   As you begin to follow this simple marketing plan—you’ll start to see your company grow as a result of your marketing.  That’s what we want!

Just keep in mind: Marketing results do not happen overnight.  Just as a garden doesn’t pop ripe tomatoes out overnight, neither does your marketing.  Results are seen after long-term consistency within your marketing with an effective plan in action.

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