Virtual Reality: Will It Work for Your Business?

Virtual Reality: Will It Work for Your Business?

Through virtual reality customers can become fully immersed in an environment that you have created, providing fewer distractions than face-to-face demonstrations. Customers also experience stronger emotions when in a virtual environment and can remember details they may not from a conversation about the product/service you are trying to sell.

Which businesses can best benefit from virtual reality?

VR can help improve sales for a variety of businesses. For example, contractors can show buyers a completed version of a home they want to build by designing it in virtual reality. Those homebuyers would be able to tour the home and confirm that it is exactly what they want. Real estate agents have the convenience of showing multiple properties to clients without leaving the office. Body shops can show customers completed upgrades on a vehicle before the process even begins. And universities can offer virtual tours to potential students at college fairs, which is particularly helpful if the student lives far from their prospective campus.

Not only can virtual reality ensure your business and customers are on the same page, but it also allows you to showcase other work you have performed in a more visually appealing way.

How do you create a virtual reality for your business?

The easiest way to render a virtual reality experience for your business is through acquiring a headset. As stated above, Google Cardboard is an affordable option, which allows you to inset your phone into the device and attach it to your head. There are other more advanced options available from Samsung, HTC, Sony PlayStation, and Oculus, which manufacture state-of-the-art headsets for VR use. The more advanced the device, the higher quality virtual environment you’ll have for customers to interact within.

You’ll also need adequate cameras and software, which are much different when shooting and creating virtual reality, as opposed to regular video design. In order to create a complete VR environment, 360-degrees of footage must be recorded. This can be done in a variety of ways, including using 6-10 GoPro Hero4 cameras wrapped in a spherical shape, which will eliminate any gaps in the footage.

Once you have your footage of the VR environment, it’s on to editing. To create the 360-degree environment, you must stitch the individual videos into a single, high resolution, panoramic video. There are several different software programs to choose from, some are even available in app form for on-the-go video creations. Once the editing process is finalized and completed, you’ll be left with a brand-new marketing tool that is sure to set you apart from the competition!


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