4 Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

4 Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

As the opportunities for advertising via traditional and nontraditional media continue to grow, video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool. 2016 has been called the “Year of Video Marketing”, and the Vice President of Facebook’s European branch just predicted that the social platform will be all video within the next 5 years. Although it’s obvious that online video is massively popular, could it be utilized to boost your business? Here are four ways video marketing can help you:

1. Website traffic

If you’re looking to increase traffic to your website, it’s important to know that sites with videos on their homepage are 53 times more likely to make it to the first page of Google search results than those without. Not only do videos bring people to your site, but visitors who view videos on your website stay, on average, 2 minutes longer than other visitors. The longer that potential consumers stay on your site learning about what your business offers, the more likely they are to find something that leads them to make an inquiry or a purchase.

2. Shareability
people-hand-iphone-smartphone Marketing AgencyAs the number of video views on social media platforms has grown, videos have become a catalyst for increasing the shares and retweets of the content your business creates. Compared to just last year, videos posted on Facebook received a 50% growth in views and created 13.2 times more buzz. The same goes for Twitter, which has seen video views increase 150 times in the past year. It’s also important to note that original video uploaded to Twitter receives 2.5 times more replies and 2.8 times more retweets than video from third-party sources. Creating and incorporating videos into your social media strategy can result in more engagement with your audience and increased likelihood that your content will be shared to potential new audiences.

3. Sales, sales, sales!shop-791582_1920 Marketing Agency

Video marketing has huge potential when it comes to e-commerce. Video allows you to showcase your products and services in a more interactive and complete way than text and photos. As a result, online shoppers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after seeing it featured in an online video. In addition, product videos create a more personalized, “boutique” experience for the consumer, leading 77% of online shoppers to view companies with videos as more engaged with their customers.

4. Boosts other marketing efforts

In addition to being a powerful force on its own, video marketing is also extremely beneficial to other marketing strategies that your business may be employing, such as email marketing. It has been found that emails that include some kind of marketing video see a nearly 300% increase in click-through. As if that huge boost of engagement isn’t enough, videos in emails help foster stronger relationships with customers and potential customers, resulting in a 75% decrease in un-subscriptions. Video content, even if first created for usage in online media, also has the potential to double as advertisement on traditional media outlets such as television and – with some slight tweaking – radio.

Creating videos that perform well online can be a challenge, but the potential benefits for sales, brand awareness, and customer retention can be monumental and are worth the extra effort that they require. Plus, Business House is always here to help!

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