Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Take the Test!

Mobile Friendly Test

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Take the Test!


Google came out with a new algorithm in April of 2015 that gave huge importance to mobile-friendly websites.  But, is your website mobile friendly?

If you’re not sure there are a few ways to test this but the most effective is to go straight to the one it matters to most.. Google!  Follow this link and simply enter your URL, click analyze, and then read your results.   Google will do the rest.  Once the test has determined whether you are mobile friendly or not you have the following options.

Mobile-Friendly Test Marketing Agency

  • YAY! You’re Mobile Friendly: You are in the clear. You have what it takes to keep on moving forward with the online world.  Keep up the good work.
  • You’re Not Mobile Friendly: You need to find out a way to get your website mobile friendly as soon as possible.  Not to worry, we can help get you on the right track to being compatible to mobile browsing.

Need help with your website and getting more information on becoming mobile friendly?   Reach out to Business House, LLC for your first FREE consultation.  With our talented team of marketing professionals, and web marketer and developers we’ll be sure to be your one stop shop where you can do it all and do it right!

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