Good PR is the Best PR

Good PR is the Best PR

Whether you’ve had your moment in the spotlight or you’re looking for a good way to get your business there, a solid public relations strategy can help. Have you ever heard the phrase”There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”? Well, that’s not always the case.  It’s a good idea to stay in the public spotlight, but you never want your business associated with negative news.  This is where a skilled public relations, or PR team, can come in handy.

Writer Jonathan Long cites some great must-do tips in his Entreprenuer article 7 Must-Do Tips for Startups to Generate Good PR:

  1. Identify your target media outlets and journalists.
  1. Use content assets as PR bait.
  1. Don’t send a copy/paste generic pitch.
  1. Craft your pitch so it’s newsworthy.
  1. Use Twitter for soft-introductions.
  1. Include statistics and hard data.
  1. Don’t make your pitch sound like a press release. Avoid boring fluff and get to the point.


What does this all mean for you?  As a new business, or existing business, you should certainly know your target market and what your public relations tactic is going to be to reach them.  Are they more digitally inclined, or are you going to have to seek your target market through more traditional media outlets?

You will also want to make sure that your public relations are done so that your business is taken seriously.  The information you reveal to the public should be newsworthy and backed up with statistics.  It’s much more impactful if you are able to show the public what your company is doing with hard facts.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, consider setting up a business account.  Nothing says public relations like a Twitter post announcing that you will soon be launching something, or making a big announcement.  It’s a way to create buzz around what you are going to announce to the public.  It will make your public relations even stronger.

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