The Importance of Finding Your Social Media Niche

The Importance of Finding Your Social Media Niche

As important as social media is to a modern marketing strategy, your social efforts won’t be effective in helping your business succeed if they aren’t concentrated on the right platforms. Although Facebook is the social network with the largest number of active users, it may not be the best choice for your business if that isn’t where your target audience is. To avoid a trial-and-error approach, consider these tips for discovering the most capable platform for your business:

Create A Persona of Your Target Customer
Before you can decide on the best platform to reach your audience, you have to understand your audience. Consider things like the gender, age group, geographic location, and lifestyle choices/habits of your ideal customer. From there, you can choose the platform/s that best align with that demographic. If your target audience is women under 30, consider a platform with primarily female users like Instagram or Pinterest; if your target audience is middle aged men, a platform like LinkedIn whose users are largely men aged 35-54 would be a smarter choice. Your customer should always be your first and main consideration with every marketing tactic you employ.

Recognize the Purpose of the Platform
In addition to educating yourself about which consumers are using which platforms, you should also look into what each platform is most commonly used for. Since each social platform has a certain purpose and is tailored for certain types of content, it’s important to choose the platforms that can most easily accomplish your marketing goals.

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If your brand or industry is highly visual, a photo-based platform such as Instagram of Pinterest could be an effective choice to promote your product/service. On the other hand, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are better choices for accomplishing customer services goals.

Keep It Simple
The most important thing to remember when selecting social media platforms is that you don’t have to be everywhere. It is far more impactful for your brand to be really active and engaged on a small number of platforms rather than exhausting your resources by trying to be present on every platform. Research has shown that 3 platforms is effective in reaching your consumers while remaining easy to manage for you and your team. The right number and combination of social platforms is different for every business and achieving the social presence that’s best for you will take time. The good news? Business House can help you find your ideal platforms, build your audience, and create the content that brings you the success your business deserves.

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