Social Media: 2017 Trends to Have on Your Radar

Social Media: 2017 Trends to Have on Your Radar

Social media was challenged throughout 2016, seeing up, downs, and everything in between. Transparency continued to be an issue for many brands throughout the year, while mobile campaigns exploded, and live-streaming emerged as a powerful too. And with 2017 underway, new trends are already on the horizon – some to fix what was broken, others to expand on those that were a success, and a few new ones to keep us on our toes. Here’s where 2017 is headed:

Video is already one of the most effective strategies to date.  So how can it become even more powerful in 2017? By continuing to explore and harness live-streaming. Whether it’s on Facebook Live, Periscope, or Instagram’s new live video feature, networks are embracing the possibilities of video content. Brands have the ability to reach people at that moment, taking the editing, filtering, and opacity from their message. Live video gives consumers real-time updates to authentic content they did not previously have access to with the ability to give feedback that is instantly received. Not only does live video give you more meaningful interactions with your customers, it will also give you better brand exposure allowing viewers to become more educated with your brand and increasing your reputation.

Millennials are turning to the internet as their main news source. As a result, we saw the rise of fake news stories being published on social media and other online sites. After a year of fake stories, many networks have begun to take measures into their own hands to eliminate these false reports. While networks have started taking steps to prevent the spread of these stories, we are sure to see the fight against fake news continue throughout the new year.

To combat your brand falling victim to fake news stories, ensure that the content you publish and share is from a credible source. The leading defense you can use to fight the spread of false stories is to publish your own content on social media networks and your blog. This allows brands to present their own point of view without it being twisted into something else.

We’re all familiar with Siri, Allo, and/or Alexa. These chatbots have become part of our daily lives making tasks easier. We are likely to see a rise in their features, capabilities, and services in 2017. Brands, such as Sephora, have started embracing chatbots as a tool in customer service. Millennials want self-service- methods by which they can resolve their customer service issues solely through technology. Whether brands are using chatbots for troubleshooting issues, streamlining their ordering or booking process, or receiving instant feedback, it will help brands expedite the customer service process and improve customer experiences.


The main takeaway? Becoming more transparent and accessible to your consumers will prove beneficial for your business. Whether it be becoming more interactive with consumers through love-streaming, ensuring the content you publish is legitimate, or utilizing chatbots to help with customer service – your brand will gain a better reputation in 2017. Need a hand in optimizing your social media strategy to become more transparent and accessible? You’re always welcome to reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

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