5 Ways to Embrace the Holidays on Social Media

5 Ways to Embrace the Holidays on Social Media

Get your social media in the holiday spirit! You may have spruced up your store or website for the holidays, but don’t forget about your social entities. The holiday season is a great time to explore new offerings, share unique content, and spread a little holiday cheer, all while bringing customers into your store or driving traffic to your website. Here are just a few things tips to get you started:

1. Show off your holiday products!


If you’ve changed up your inventory or added new holiday-themed products to your shelves, share them with your followers! And not any old photo will do – take the time to style and edit photos. Images play a major role in social media, with relevant and appealing photos receiving more engagement from followers and therefore, generating more sales. The Coton Colors post above is a great example, if the company had taken a photo of the ornament box, sitting on a shelf if wouldn’t be nearly as attention grabbing, would it?

2. Share holiday-inspired tips.


Sharing tips is a great way to engage with social media followers and during the holidays. You can share information that simply isn’t relevant at other times of the year, but still have a tie-in with your business. For instance, a hardware store can share the best tips for hanging outdoor lights. A spa can share relaxation techniques to combat holiday-related stress. Boutiques can offer styling tips for holiday home décor or clothing. The possibilities are endless; all you need to do is connect your brand to the holidays in a relevant and meaningful way. Sure, the hardware store may not have a light hanging service and the spa may be sharing techniques they could charge for, but these little helpful tips go a long way to building trust among your followers and customers.

3. Share your favorite holiday entertaining suggestions.


Holiday entertaining is another great avenue to explore on social media. You can share cocktail suggestions, appetizer recipes, holiday playlists, and when appropriate, you can feature your own products. If you’re active on social media you’ve seen your fair share of recipe videos and list articles featuring “the best” hostess gifts, or Super Bowl appetizers, or winter-themed cocktails – you get the idea. Now it’s your turn to embrace these popular posts for yourself. If your store carries cocktail ingredients or glassware, feature a video or image with a holiday drink recipe. If your store carries cheeseboards, share tips for putting together the best cheese assortment for a holiday party. Offering entertaining suggestions not only increases the likelihood that your post will be shared, liked, or commented on – it’s also a subtle and effective way to feature your own products without calling direct attention to them.

4. Join in on the fun and share some holiday humor.


Memes and viral videos are spread throughout social media year ‘round, but you can take advantage of those with holiday themes without putting in too much extra work. If you spot a funny image (that isn’t inappropriate, in regards to your brand) share it on your page to connect with your customers! If you feel up to making something specifically for your business, you can always go that route too. A little humor can go a long way.

5. Go behind-the-scenes of your business.


The holidays are busy, hectic, and sometimes crazy. You likely have more orders to fill, more product moving through your store, you may even have seasonal employees to help carry the load. Highlight it in your social feeds! Customers don’t always think about the inner workings of their favorite businesses, but it’s always interesting to see what goes on behind closed doors. If you’re shipping out 300 orders this week and the boxes are taking over your shipping area – share it! Employees decking the halls? Show off their hard work, not just the end result! You may be surprised by how many customers want to engage with this type of content.

These are just a few ways to engage with your followers and customers during the holiday season, all with one common goal in mind: to bring everyone closer together. If you need help with your holiday social media campaigns, or anything in the realm of social media, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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