Local Marketing Agencies: The Best Choice For Small Businesses

Local Marketing Agencies: The Best Choice For Small Businesses

Even if your small business has national or worldwide aspirations, sticking with a local marketing agency is your best bet for gaining momentum and finding the success that you hope for. Local marketing agencies are just as ambitious as big-name agencies, but in a smarter, more targeted way.

Local Point-of-View

While all consumers share some common links and behaviors, consumers concentrated in different geographic locations have different interests, opinions, and motivations.  As a result, 4 out of 5 consumers prefer advertisements and marketing content that is customized to their location. While any marketing agency has the ability to target a message to a specific area, only a local marketing agency will have the firsthand knowledge of and experience in the local market that it takes to appeal to consumers in the community. Since local agencies operate within the same market as your small business, they fully understand the culture, jargon, and behaviors of local consumers. The local-first focus of local agencies ensures that your business will be successful enough in its home environment to eventually expand beyond local borders.

Local agencies also tend to have a much smaller number of clients, allowing them to provide special attention and a truly personalized marketing plan to each business they work with. When partnered with a local agency, you receive more frequent updates on the progress of your efforts, experience quicker service and results, and have the opportunity to meet face-to-face more often – which 85% of people say builds stronger business relationships. By not going to a major agency, you’re also able to retain a comfortable level of control over what is happening with your company’s marketing efforts.

Community Connections

Working with a local agency also presents a huge opportunity for networking, which has been called the most powerful marketing tactic for small business success. A local agency often has connections to important individuals in your area, whether they be government officials, community thought leaders, or just other business owners. The relationships that you form via your work with a local agency can lead to exciting opportunities for your business in the future, including sponsorships and partnerships with other local businesses to help generate word-of-mouth.

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As a small business, your local community is extremely important to you. Keeping things local not only benefits your business, but also boosts another small business to positively affect the overall business climate and economy of your town. For your business, buying local isn’t just a trend, it’s the livelihood of your company.

Proven Results

Just because local agencies lack the big name and national scope of major agencies doesn’t mean they aren’t just as successful. Local agencies put in the work to prove themselves, and they’re getting well-deserved recognition for it. Every year, The American Advertising Federation of Louisville gives the Hot 10 Award to local agency professionals (including Business House owner Lauren Jones-Drompt) who are doing innovative marketing, public relations, and design work in their area.

Local marketing agencies are the smartest choice for your small business because they are just like you: they work hard, provide great service to the community they love, and are always looking for ways to grow more successful.


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