Web Design: Get Consumers to Stay On Your Site

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Web Design: Get Consumers to Stay On Your Site

The world is made up of 7.210 billion people, and 41.7% of the world is actively using the internet.  That’s 3.010 billion people that are online.  As of today, there are just under one billion websites for these billions of users to search.  From booking travel to shopping online at their favorite retailers, the World Wide Web has everything at consumers reach in seconds.  What does this mean for your web design you may ask?

With such a saturated market on the internet, it takes no time at all for a consumer to click to your site and decide if they like it or not.  In fact, 55% of users spend less than 15 seconds on your website!  This means that the time and efforts that go into your web design to make it aesthetically pleasing and most of all intuitive are extremely important.  This will help them to initially stay and browse.  But keeping them there is the key, that’s where you must dig a little deeper to find out what encourages consumers to stay, read, and even purchase if that’s the goal.

As Ginny Soskey said in a blog post for Hubspot, “At this point, at least a third of you have clicked away from this post — thanks to those of you sticking around for the good stuff — so hopefully you’ll stick around a little bit longer.”  We know this is true of this post as well, but here’s to the “good stuff”.

People want to be engaged.
People are more likely to stay and read if it is something that grabs there attention and fulfills a need.  This is likely something that is more “newsworthy”.  So after you have drawn them in with a beautiful web design, giving them that something extra will keep them reading and hopefully even coming back for more.

Sharing through social media, eh it works…a little.
There’s a threshold to anything in this world, and social media and the abundance of articles being shared on a newsfeed, tweet, etc. are making the consumers a bit numb.  Not to say that you won’t have some clicking on to shop or read, but it’s better to work on your website search engine optimization and design for those that are actively searching and looking for what you have to offer.

Free web design platforms look nice too.
There are a ton of free website design sites out there on the web, and sure they look great and do the trick for a while.  However, you are limited on custom design and the flow of information from business to consumer.  Try finding a web design company that can really get your website design looking top notch.  Plus the sky is the limit when you go this route.

These are just a few tips to help strengthen your website design, so you can retain more customers than ever before.

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